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You'll find blogs about Lauragais and Haute Garonne - this beautiful region of France that we call home.

We introduce French readers to some of the quirks of British life. And for students of English, Ted includes simple but highly effective tips for mastering tricky grammar.

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Ted and Julie

I read recently that France has more dogs than any other European country, but what breed of dog do the French choose? There may be as many as five hundred ‘official’ breeds of dog, not counting mongrels or mix-breeds, such as ‘pekidors’.
Ted ~ 20 Février 2024
The English words 'actual' and 'actually' can be confusing for language learners. They are ‘false friends’, that resemble French words, but have completely different meanings. What do these words mean, and how can you remember? Read on………
Ted ~ 11 Juin 2021
Learn English safely during 2021 Would you like to improve your English, but hesitate to travel overseas due to coronavirus? Would you like to avoid the queues and the crowds? Would you like to immerse yourself in a safe and relaxing environment? Come and join us, in the heart of the Lauragais countryside, just 40 minutes from Toulouse.
Ted ~ 16 Juin 2020
The moon in Lauragais is the same moon as seen anywhere in the world, but once a month in Lauragais, it takes on a special significance.
Ted ~ 17 Mars 2020
Reading is a great way to improve your English language skills. It’s also an activity which is very much in keeping with La Selve; surrounded by fields and woods, a very relaxing place, an ideal place to learn.
Ted ~ 28 Janvier 2019
When I was a boy, my mother cooked ‘English breakfast’ for our family of five, every morning except Sunday. It has remained one of my favourite meals, both to eat and to cook.
Ted ~ 27 Novembre 2018
“But what exactly happens during an English immersion programme?” Our prospective students sometimes have difficulty imagining their stay at La Selve, totally immersed in English. “How will we fill the day?” “How will I learn English?” Read on, for detailed insight from a recent visitor.
Julie ~ 25 Mai 2018
Who doesn’t eat pizza? Nobody that I know of. The choice is almost unlimited: meat, cheese, fish, vegetarian, with this, without that. It’s this flexibility that has made pizzas such a worldwide success, rather like the English language really.
Ted ~ 16 Mai 2017
From our home on a clear day we can see La Montagne Noire. Is it called the ‘Black Mountain’ because when seen, at least from the north, its silhouette always seems black, or is there some other reason?
Ted ~ 2 Avril 2017
Mastery of Business English is becoming more and more important in today’s fast-moving world. What mistakes do French business people commonly make, when speaking English? Ted shares his experience.....
Ted ~ 17 Janvier 2017